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Fresh & Organic Food Made For The Soul.

Miami runs on Squeeze; Miami Squeeze has been the go-to healthy restaurant for athletes, families, and celebrities for 25+ years. From Super Bowl champs to local run clubs, Miami Squeeze has made its name for its mouth-watering Mediterranean cuisine, vegan menu, and savory smoothies and juices. We have mastered the art of a healthy lifestyle. Our extensive menu ranges from organic foods to fresh smoothies and even wholesome juice shots! Whether you just left the gym or simply want to have a hearth healthy lunch, we are here to accommodate. 

Flavours From Far, Local Freshness

Get your tastebuds ready! We take pride in our dedicated quality control team to ensure you always have the freshest most delicious fruits and veggies.


Hungry Already?
Our Signature Dishes Are Served All Day, Everyday

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